Risk Management

Educate your employees and control your internal IT risks and environment. 

With each new piece of technology comes new potential for data loss or a data security breach. While most security measures focus on external threats from hackers and malicious downloads, internal threats such as employees who are untrained on sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks, outdated security policies, poor backups, uncontrolled internal access to drives and files, and disgruntled employees with access to delete or disseminate sensitive company data, can lead to severe internal threats. Our expert team of engineers will work closely with you to develop a technology roadmap that will bring your company into compliance and prepare for unforeseen disasters.

Security & Compliance

Enable your business to meet the technical challenges of complying with standards with ease.


Backup & Recovery

Let LMT custom design a plan to ensure your business' continuity in any event.


Virtual CIO

Provide your business with a knowledgeable and experienced senior level engineer who will act as your CIO and IT advisor.


Security Awareness

Arm your employees with knowledge of how to identify social engineering attacks.


Security & Compliance

Reduce your compliance struggles by having auditing and system remediation performed by one partner - freeing yourself from ever having to be the middleman between auditors and your IT company again!

LMT's IT Compliance Services enables your business to meet the technical challenges of complying with PCI, HIPPA, FINRA, or other standards with ease. Our experts will perform an audit of the standards of your existing IT infrastructure and computer systems, then produce a gap assessment report that will identify areas that fail to meet specified criteria. LMT's skilled Support, Network, and Security Engineers will then work on your systems to bring them into compliance by resolving the technical issues identified in the assessment.

Service model:

  • Analysis Phase to determine areas needing improvement. A combination of powerful automated auditing tools and Compliance Services expertise will identify areas that are not meeting the desired standard.
  • Remediation Phase to close the identified gaps. The expertise of LMT’s Support, Network, and Security Engineers will be applied to quickly adjust your systems towards compliance.
  • Follow‐Through Phase to help you maintain compliance. Our Compliance Services Team will regularly re‐visit the gaps that had been identified and closed as well as identifying new areas of potential difficulty.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3‐Phase approach to provide ongoing full‐cycle compliance. Our service model provides you with a living framework that helps you achieve and maintain compliance.
  • One partner to help reduce compliance implementation time. Our fully in‐house Compliance Services team will manage the entire process, alleviating the hassle of vendor management.
  • Proven experience to set your mind at ease. Our Compliance Services Team has attained SSAE18 SOC2 Type II compliance for our own private cloud as well as assisted many of our existing clients in achieving PCI and HIPPA compliance.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Mistakes and natural disasters occur - they’re inevitable.

The key to quickly recovering and surviving such events is a well thought out Business Continuity Strategy, a set of policies and procedures for reacting to and recovering from an IT‐disabling disaster, and the main component of that strategy is a Disaster Recovery Plan. Let LMT custom design a plan to ensure our business’ continuity in any event.

LMT Solutions:

  • Onsite Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Platform - Onsite BDR is a comprehensive disk‐based solution for data backup and business continuity
  • Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Platform - Offsite BDR is a second platform running at a remote site that will continuously synchronize with the Onsite BDR.
  • Private Cloud Backup Platform -  Backups are fully managed and protected constantly in a regionally located Class A Data Center which enables rapid restoration and access to your data within hours.
  • 24 X 7 Monitoring

Planning Process:

  • Identify the data and resources essential to business survival
  • Identify the vulnerabilities of your essential data and resources
  • Develop strategies that minimize risk of disaster
  • Develop Disaster Recovery Plan

Virtual CIO

LMT’s Virtual CIO (vCIO) services will provide your business with a knowledgeable and experienced senior level engineer who will act as your CIO and IT advisor.

With a deep understanding of your business and a broad knowledge of IT technologies and technology trends, your vCIO will focus on aligning your business objectives with IT technologies to make your business more competitive, more profitable and maximize business continuity. Your vCIO will work with your management team on an on‐demand or flat‐fee basis and is capable of leading any of the following initiatives and projects:

  • Formulating strategic IT goals
  • Planning a technology roadmap
  • Legacy IT infrastructure migration
  • Planning IT budgets
  • Analyzing and reworking business processes
  • Evaluating and facilitating technology changes.
  • Identifying opportunities where new technology tools would be beneficial
  • Facilitating technology deployments
  • Project planning and management

Benefits of having a Virtual CIO:

  • IT staff can focus on operations
  • Avoid paying for a full-time senior level engineer
  • Free up your management team from managing complex IT initiatives
  • Enjoy the guidance of an expert in matching business needs to technology potential

Security Awareness Training

Risk accumulates over time when proper education and reporting do not happen. 

91% of successful data breaches start with a spear phishing attack and ransomware has increased 229% since 2017 with nearly 100,000 attacks daily.  Negligent or careless users, compromised credentials, security-lax cultures, and breached data, are all top concerns for organizations given the heightened threat.

LMT has partnered with KnowBe4 to provide interactive and effective ongoing Security Awareness training to your users.  In order make smarter security decisions, your users must understand the mechanisms of phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering, and then apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job. Our training approach is educational, and tailored to your unique environment, industry, and specific departments.

Baseline Testing
Baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack. This metric can be later used to determine how effective the campaign is.

Train Your Users
Training on its own, typically once a year, isn’t enough. The goal is to establish an effective human firewall of informed, educated, and phish-savvy employees. LMT’s Security Team will develop a coordinated campaign that integrates simulated phishing and security awareness training that fits the needs and busy schedules of your workforce.

See The Results
The initial phish-prone percentage benchmark is a troubling 27%.  Fortunately, that can be brought down to about 2% after just 1 year of training. Ongoing training and simulated phishing attacks to keep up with the evolving nature of cybercrime is necessary to ensure that your users stay educated and engaged.

Why LMT?

Our clients are able to leverage technology to improve their competitive position, protect confidential information, and drive down IT costs.

  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security & Compliance Services
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • VoIP
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Systems Integration
  • Software Development

We simplify the complexities of IT for your company.

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